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Moving into Senior Living, Step by Step

October 20, 2020

As you consider moving into a senior living community, it’s natural to feel like it is a lot to deal with, both emotionally and logistically. It is overwhelming. To help, we have provided you with an easy approach for navigating your way. Keep in mind that several team members at your new community will be there to help with your move-in process and to make sure that it all goes smoothly.

Step 1 – Research

Being proactive and asking team members questions at your new community can make a real difference in your moving experience. Start by asking for a floor plan that shows the dimensions of your apartment, so you will have a good idea of what furniture will fit. Ask for a detailed list of amenities and services available at the community, too. Team members may also be able to help you in the preliminary stages of your move by connecting you with local realtors to help sell your house, or by referring you to a senior-move manager to assist in arranging estate sales, obtaining appraisals and more.

Step 2 – Paperwork

The bureaucratic details of moving into a new home can be intimidating, but there are ways to make it easier on yourself. For example, create a physical folder containing your most important documents so they don’t get lost, including medical records, birth certificates, passports, your will and power of attorneys. Also, be sure to transfer your prescriptions to a pharmacy close to your community. Don’t forget to update your mailing address, too, so mail is forwarded.

Step 3 – Packing

Going through years of household items to get a house ready for sale can be daunting, so don’t go through it alone. See if your new community can recommend a senior moving service in your area, and don’t be afraid to ask for help from family and friends. First, make a list of items to bring, including home furnishings, clothes and personal items. As you pack, sort objects into categories including items to be moved, keepsakes to be left with family, things to be sold or donated and items to be thrown out. Jot everything down in a special notebook to bring with you, create a list of to-dos and write down questions for community team members.

Step 4 – Move-in Day

It’s important to do all that you can to ensure you’re comfortable and calm on the day of your move. Before the big day, call the community to discuss what precautions are in place to protect you and your helpers against COVID-19. Will movers be required to wear PPE? Do they practice temperature checks? Is there a service elevator for movers? Don’t be shy asking the movers to arrange your belongings in a specific way to make your apartment feel like home.

Moving into a new home is exciting and, with proper planning, it can also be enjoyable!

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