Couple Married for 55 Years | The Lodge at Greeley

A Valentine’s Day Story: Resident Delores Marx on Her Happy 55-Year Marriage

January 27, 2021

The Lodge at Greeley resident Delores Marx was married to husband Tony for 55 happy years before his passing in 2020. In honor of Valentine’s Day, Delores spoke with us about her late husband and the love story they lived together.

Two New Yorkers

Delores grew up as one of five sisters in the Bronx, New York, where her father was a prominent builder responsible for the construction of many of the city’s iconic structures. She attended St. Mary’s Nursing School in New Jersey and went on to work as a registered nurse for 30 years.

Tony grew up an only child in the Brooklyn/Queens area and lost his parents very young so was raised by his grandparents. As a young man, he enlisted in the army and served in the artillery division during the Korean War. After coming home and attending school, Tony got a job at Chase Bank, working his way up to second vice president in charge of the Asian banking division and retiring 30 years later.

A “Meet Cute”

In 1963, Delores was accompanying her boyfriend, a New York City fire inspector, and his sister to a dance at the iconic Roosevelt Hotel, where Delores had been asked to help set the sister up with a man. While there, Delores was asked to dance by a handsome young man named Tony, whom she would go on to marry two years later.

After Tony proposed to Delores, they went to St. Barnabas Catholic Church to book a wedding date: May 22, 1965. Afterward, the newly married couple settled down in a condo in the Bronx’s Woodlawn area, where they lived happily for seven years and had a son and daughter. Later, Delores and Tony moved to Pawling, New York, where they joined the YMCA and enjoyed recreation on the village’s 35-acre lake.

Happily Ever After

During their long, wonderful marriage, Tony and Delores especially enjoyed traveling together. For their 25th wedding anniversary, the couple went on vacation to Puerto Rico and purchased a timeshare, which would turn out to be a valuable investment and a great vacation spot over the next 30 years.

Later, as Tony’s health began to decline, Delores stayed by his side. When he had to leave home for care, she visited him every day until he passed away on April 1, 2020. Now that she is a widow, Delores has no shortage of stories and anecdotes about Tony she loves to bring out for family and friends.

Over 55 years, Delores and Tony were lucky to share a rewarding life full of dedication, commitment and romantic love. The key to their successful marriage, Delores said, is that they never, ever argued. To illustrate the point, she recalled a saying from the Bible: “don’t let the sun go down on your anger.”