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Considering Assisted Living for Your Loved One? Read These Tips

June 26, 2020

Moving from home to an assisted living community is a very difficult and emotionally hard time for all involved. Even though families may know that it is in the best interest emotionally, physically and mentally to consider a lifestyle change for your family member, it is still hard. Older adults who move into assisted living can benefit from assistance with personal care, medication monitoring, healthy prepared meals, and new social outlets, which can be an especially welcome change if they live alone.

However, the timing of an individual’s transition into assisted living is highly individualized and usually based on a multitude of factors, including their health status, social life and ability to perform daily household tasks. Here are four elements to consider if you suspect it might be time to transition your loved one into an assisted living community.

Safety Issues

Seniors have a much higher risk for injury as they age. Do you have safety concerns about your loved one slipping and falling in the tub or the shower or using stairs? Are you worried about vision and mobility problems that could interfere with their ability to drive? If you have noticed any of these issues, or your loved one has voiced anxiety about them, it’s time to consider a transition to an assisted living community.

Personal Care

Is your loved one having trouble performing basic personal care tasks? Are they unable to cook proper nutritious meals, as evidenced by rapid weight loss or gain, or have visibly poor hygiene? Notice if they are forgetting to take their medication or take the wrong one, or if they are having trouble bathing or dressing regularly without help. If so, they may benefit from assisted living.

Household Care

Has your loved one been able to keep up on housework, yard work and home repairs? If they have a pet, is it well-cared for? Notice if your loved one is failing to pay bills or letting the mail pile up. If your loved one can no longer carry out basic household duties, they may need an environment where they can receive extra care.

Change in Personality

Are you seeing signs your loved one is feeling isolated, lonely or bored? Do they seem withdrawn, fearful or depressed? More irritable than usual? Losing interest in a hobby they enjoy can be another sign they are seeking a new outlet for their energy. These changes are all clues your loved one is looking to socialize with other seniors in a community environment.

Even if your loved one is currently skeptical about a move into assisted living, they may end up embracing the change, from the personalized care, to the greater social opportunities to the relief from household responsibility. To learn more about assisted living apartments and associated services available at The Lodge at Grand Junction, call us at 970-716-6092 or schedule your personal tour.