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4 Strategies for Combatting Caregiver Burnout

August 14, 2020

The responsibility of caregiving has many powerful rewards, from the satisfaction you get in showing up for a loved one, to the joy that comes in providing the assistance they need to live and thrive.

It’s also normal to feel stressed out by a role that requires you to take on such important duties. If you’re feeling stressed out or lonely, these tips for preventing burnout can help you continue providing your loved one with the best possible care.

Find Support

In the U.S., approximately 14 percent of all adults serve as caregivers for an adult 50 years or older, according to the National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP. Clearly, caregivers are far from alone. For a safe place to talk about your feelings, join a caregiver support group; reach out to someone you trust, like a friend, co-worker, or neighbor; or engage with a therapist or religious adviser. Here is a list of online caregiver support groups and places to find an in-person group in your area.

Be Realistic

Feeling stressed out by your responsibilities as a caregiver or about the person for whom you are caring is totally normal, so don’t blame yourself. At the same time, it’s important to know your personal limits and be honest with yourself about your situation, which may mean accepting you might someday need help with caregiving, whether that comes in the form of a respite stay for your loved one, accepting help from friends or joining a personal support group.

Practice Self-Care

Caregivers who experience stress are especially vulnerable to changes in their physical health, so it’s important to eat right, exercise and sleep well to keep yourself fit and protect your immune system. It’s just as important to protect your mental health. If you can, set aside some time for yourself every day to do something fun and relaxing, whether that’s spending time on a hobby, hanging out with friends or taking a hot bath.

Consider a Respite Stay

Research shows that taking periodic breaks from the demands of caregiving is essential for preventing burnout. A short-term, respite stay for your loved one at a senior living community that offers pleasant accommodations, the amenities and comforts of home and wellness-centered programming can be a good solution when you need a break to recharge.

If you need a break from the duties of caregiving, The Lodge at Grand Junction offers respite stays for your loved one in our assisted living and memory care apartments. To learn more about respite options at the Lodge, call us at 970-426-0258 or schedule a personal tour.