Serenity Engage App Brings Peace of Mind | The Lodge

Resident’s Daughter-in-Law Shares How the Serenity Engage App Has Eased Her Mind

March 31, 2021

For families of The Lodge at Grand Junction residents, nothing has had more of a positive impact on communication this past year than the Serenity Engage app. The WellAge managed community uses the HIPAA-compliant senior care communication platform to provide families with real-time messaging capabilities that allow them to stay in constant communication with team members about their loved one’s care.

For Charlie Hanna, whose mother-in-law, Darla, has been an assisted living resident at The Lodge at Grand Junction since January 2021, messaging with team members via the Serenity Engage app has helped her and her family see just how much Darla has been enjoying her new home.

Charlie said she often uses the app to send questions and requests to team members while she is on her daily phone call with Darla, and team members will also reach out to her with messages and photos that allow her to keep tabs on Darla during the day.

“My mother-in-law is always forgetting or losing something, like her wallet, and it will get her ruminating, but if I use the app, even while we’re talking on the phone, I can ask a team member, can somebody go help her find it? And then someone will say, ok, I’m on it, I got it. Or if Darla tells me she isn’t feeling well, I can have somebody go check on her. The app allows me to help her in real-time and really be effective. It’s made me feel very comfortable and reassured.”

But what Charlie, Darla’s granddaughters, and the rest of their family most appreciate about having access to an instantaneous communication channel with team members is seeing, in real-time, how much fun Darla is having connecting with her peers and taking part in activities. Charlie and her family initially sought an assisted living community for Darla because she just wasn’t thriving living with them. Now, through the app, Charlie and her family can see how much of a difference their decision has made.

“My mother-in-law is not a social butterfly, but she’ll go and do things if somebody invites her,” said Charlie. “Now, through the app, it helps me feel confident we really made the right decision. A team member will send me a picture of her and some other residents playing cards with a message saying something like, ‘Darla was a card shark today!’”

“We can see she’s happy, and that makes my heart happy,” Charlie added. “It helps reassure me that she really needed this change — she needed people her own age, she needed her independence and her own space. She needed things to go to and do, and now she’s got that.”

The Serenity Engage app is just one way The Lodge at Grand Junction ensures that residents’ health and emotional needs are met. To learn more about what a supportive senior living community can do for your loved one, call our team at 970-716-6162, or schedule a tour to see for yourself.