Serenity App is a Communication Lifesaver | The Lodge at Grand Junction

For Families of Residents, the Serenity App is a Communication Lifesaver

June 8, 2020

Family members of the Lodge at Grand Junction have not missed a beat communicating with their loved ones during the COVID-19 crisis, thanks to the .

Serenity Engage is a HIPPA-compliant senior care communication platform that offers instantaneous back and forth messaging in real-time, allowing families and community staff to constantly communicate about a resident’s care.

In January 2020, the Lodge launched a pilot program solely in the memory care neighborhood, but when COVID hit, Lodge Executive Director Janice Donald quickly expanded its use to families of all residents so families could receive updates on how the community was keeping residents safe.

“Having the app during this time has allowed people to have access to the team that is taking care of their loved one when they really truly can’t physically be there; it’s not even possible,” said Serenity Engage CEO Katherine Wells, who used her experience in the software industry to come up with a solution for communicating with staff after transitioning her parents to assisted living and memory care.

Of the 12 senior living communities who use the app nationwide, most, including the Lodge, have two channels set up on the platform, said Wells: the first is one where the family can communicate with staff members about their loved one, and the second is a one-way channel for community announcements, big or small.

For families of Lodge residents, the Serenity Engage app has been a lifesaver. Not having to wait around for a return phone call has been deeply anxiety-relieving, and many say the Lodge staff have been great about responding quickly. Here is what several family members said about the app:

“We love that we don’t have to scan through our emails, wait for snail mail, or wait for the opportunity to place a call to communicate. This app has been a great tool that allows all of us to see the information firsthand regarding our parents on their direct channel. We have been absolutely impressed by the quick responses from the team!”

Julie, Jane and Jill, daughters of a Lodge resident

“I started using the Serenity app a few months ago, and I love it! It’s very easy to use! The app sends me a notification if there are any new notes or announcements. I can easily contact a staff member if I have family questions or concerns. It’s easier than email, since most nursing and life enrichment staff members receive all the notes I send, and someone always gets right back to me.”

Deedra, daughter of a resident

“With the Serenity app, I have been able to text staff with questions or to check in on grandma or let them know about upcoming appointments, and they respond with an answer or fun photos of activities grandma is doing that day within minutes. During these trying times where we’re unable to go in and see our grandma, staff at the Lodge have made an amazing effort to keep our family connected.”

Nancy, sister of a resident

“I see Serenity as a way for communities who have to build trust especially now,” Wells said. Referring to the concept of “emotional bank accounts” originally introduced in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Wells said the app is “a way for communities to put small deposits into the emotional bank accounts of their families on a regular basis. That way, when they have the inevitable tough conversation, staff become care partners in creating a solution, rather than adversarial.”

The Serenity Engage app is just one example of the many ways staff at The Lodge at Grand Junction have adapted resident care to ensure both their health needs and emotional well-being are supported. To learn more about what a supportive senior living community can do for your loved one, reach out to a member of our team by calling 970-470-8428, or schedule a tour to see for yourself.