October 2020 News | The Lodge at Grand Junction

October 2020 News from The Lodge at Grand Junction

October 21, 2020

Residents’ Rights Month: Connection Matters

The month of October brings about an annual event designated by the Consumer Voice which celebrates and recognizes residents living in long-term care communities. As professional caregivers, we have the honor of serving and working with this community of individuals on a daily basis. This year’s theme is “Connection Matters.” The theme emphasizes connections – to family, friends, and the community – as essential components of good health and quality of life for residents. The months of restrictions on visitation in long-term care facilities and the inability of residents, families, and friends to be together during the coronavirus pandemic has emphasized the importance of connection, of relationships, and the impact they have on all of our well-being. During this crisis, many creative ways of staying connected were shared that can be replicated and built upon in all communities.

Caregiver Tip: Breathe!

For frontline care workers, self-soothing or centering strategies like breathing exercises can help instill a sense of calm. Try mindful breathing several times a day; or do some low and slow breaths before getting out of the car, entering your work area or going into a patient’s room. In general, breathing helps us calm down and improves concentration, so don’t take it for granted!
–Source: American Psychological Association

Have You Seen It?: “Don’t Stop Me Now!”

Jackson Creek Senior Living, a sister community to The Lodge at Grand Junction, got their team members and residents together to perform in a music video to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s disease. To see Jackson Creek residents “get their steps in” for a good cause, check out the music video!

Keep Taking Care: The Lodge at Grand Junction is Here for You

If you or your team members know of a senior or a family who is facing decisions about housing or care, we’re here for you, and for them. The Lodge at Grand Junction offers assisted living and memory care in our new community just off Patterson Road, near St. Mary’s Medical Center. To learn more about what we can offer your patients, call us at (970) 716-6162 or visit our website.