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Bored to Death? How Seniors Can Alleviate Boredom and Regain Health and Purpose

March 1, 2020

Research shows that chronic boredom can lead to harmful physical, emotional and mental consequences, and seniors are especially vulnerable due to natural changes that occur as we age.

Older people are especially prone to boredom due to later-life challenges like retirement, declining health, limited mobility, loss of a routine and less face time with friends and family. As seems clear, boredom is a particularly serious problem for seniors who live alone.

Educating yourself about its dangers is your best chance for recognizing and preventing it, so check out these important facts about boredom and ways seniors can fight it.

The Consequences of Boredom for Seniors

Loneliness, social isolation, anxiety and depression comprise just some of the harmful psychological effects of boredom.

When we’re bored, we often don’t have enough motivation to engage with the world or exercise our minds, but this lack of mental stimulation can contribute to risks for degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia. Studies also show that boredom can result in physical health issues such as an increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

The more motivated and the less bored we are, the more curious we become, the more we make the effort to get our needs met. This often leads us to engage with our environment and try new things, which creates fresh neuron connections in the brain and speeds its operation.

How to Prevent Boredom as an Older Adult

Turn your attention to others:

It’s important for seniors to stay social by connecting with family in person, over the phone or online, meeting friends for lunch or a walk and getting involved in activities that offer a sense of community, like volunteering.

Try a creative or active hobby:

Hobbies that let you express yourself creatively help stimulate brain function, while doing something physically active helps provide the physical motivation and energy you need to fight feelings of boredom.

Find your passion:

To find an area of interest that makes you feel passionate and engaged, notice the things you hate to stop doing and those that make the time pass quickly. It’s also helpful to try remembering activities that brought you joy as a child.

Opportunities Abound at The Lodge at Grand Junction

Senior living communities like The Lodge can help seniors combat boredom by offering activities that involve social interaction and engage the mind and body.

The Lodge offers a variety of opportunities to fit any interest, including a fitness center and group exercise classes, book clubs, classes, lectures, musical performances, social events and clubs, offsite outings and even a greenhouse.

Our senior living community is a great place to find that feeling of excitement and sense of purpose you’ve been missing. At the Lodge at Grand Junction, seniors can use that vital spark to fight boredom, isolation, and dissatisfaction with life as the years go on and instead find community and purpose.